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Astrology Workshops

Cathy has lectured at local libraries, bookstores, Whole Life Expos and various New Age and Health & Wellness conferences throughout the United States.
Additionally, she has conducted workshops for various Astrology and Writing chapters, the Girl Scouts of America, and other professional associations.

Cathy is available to conduct workshops for your group! Her astrology workshops include a variety of astrology topics:

  1. Astrology Basics
  2. Life Cycles: Astrology and Aging
  3. You Are More Than Your Sun Sign
  4. Timing with Astrological Transits
  5. Embracing Saturn: Wisdom through Experience
  6. Understanding Retrograde Planets
  7. The Natal Chart: Your Personal Blueprint
  8. Understanding our Intuitive Connection with Animals

In addition to being an astrology writer, Cathy is also an aspiring mystery and romance writer,
and a former member of
Romance Writers of America.  She has given various presentations to Romance Writers groups including:

  1. Anatomy of a Writer
  2. Using Astrology to Create Character Profiles
  3. History of Astrology for Historical Writers
  4. How Do You Handle Conflict?


Interested in learning astrology? All it takes is an internet connection!

Additionally, below is a list of on-going classes planned for this year, including 3-week and 6-week special sessions, as well as a new Mentoring Program for those who are serious about learning astrology.

2016 Free Webinar Schedule:
Each month there will be one free webinar open to everyone.
Description Class Notes
Practical, Everyday Uses for Astrology Even novices can learn how to use astrology in their everyday lives. Learn what to do during a retrograde, or when the Moon is void.
What Can I Expect when I have an Astrology Reading? This class may help students to understand what a chart reading and astrological interpretation is all about.
Beginning Series:
Chart Interpretation
This is a 4-week series that happens every Monday in June. Each class in the series is 90 minutes in length, and students will learn the basics of astrology.
Intermediate Series: Houses and Rulerships This is a 2 week series. Each class in the series is 90 minutes in length, and students will learn more intepretive techniques.
Astrological Evolution:
The Big 3-OH!
The Big 4-OH!
The Big 5-OH!
The Big 6-OH!
In this 4-week series, we will review the major transits in life to shape and mold us, and how our perspective changes when we get older. Attendees will receive my "Pinnacles: An Astrological Perspective" book included in the price.
Personal lessons in astrology. Sessions are set up on an individual basis, once a month for 10 months. Learn first hand about your chart and how to interpret.
Webinar and Class descriptions:
"Practical, Everyday Uses for Astrology: Void Moon and Retrograde Planets"
How can you be more productive by paying attention to everyday planetary changes? Find out about retrograde cycles and why they seem frustrating, and how to best work with them. Additionally learn how the Moon's cycle can promote new beginnings and growth, or closure and what kind of activities are best performed during the various phases.
Beginner's Series: "Chart Interpretation"
Astrology is a mystery to some - is it a science or an interpretive art? Maybe a little of both. Join us as we discuss the basic components of astrological interpretation, all the parts as well as the symbolism.
"Astrological Evolution"
“In today's complex and fast-moving world, what we need even more than foresight or hindsight is insight” - unknown
Join us as we review some pivotal moments in our lives and what lies ahead when we examine life's turning points through the major astrological transits that everyone experiences.
Intermediate Series: "Houses and Rulerships"
Discover the meaning of houses of the chart, the sign on the cusps and the important angles; learn to interpret planetary rulerships, planets in houses, empty houses, and more.
How to Sign Up
If you are interested in attending a free webinar or a class, send an email to: indicating the name of the class you would like to attend. You will receive an invitation to the class via email with a link and instructions on how to join the session.
We will soon be offering PayPal as a way to sign up for future class packages.
Archive of Class Notes
Below are links to class notes from previous webinars:
Getting to Know Your Chart - Zodiac Signs Astrology 101 - Getting to Know Your Chart - Zodiac Signs
Getting to Know Your Chart- The Houses The Zodiac Signs on the House Cusps and Astrology 101 - Getting to Know Your Chart - Houses
Getting to Know Your Chart - Planets Getting to Know Your Chart - Planets and Planetary Associations