Houses of the Chart

The sections of the astrology chart are called "houses" and each section represents an area of your life. The twelve sections begin at the 9:00 point and go counter-clockwise around the chart. The dividing lines between the houses are called "cusps" and each of these are like a doorway into the next house.

The chart can be divided into sections, there are six houses above the horizon line, and six below.

The houses below the horizon (house 1 through 6) have to do with inner or personal development. These are associated with things such as the self-image, natural talents, knowledge, home life and close personal relationships with family members, everyday work and services you provide to others, and physical health.

The houses above the horizon (house 7 through 12) have to do with outer development and your connections with those in the larger world. They are associated with one-on-one relationships, joint resources, higher education, philosophy and beliefs, career aspirations, friends and group associations, and the unconscious self.

Additionally, each house is associated with a sign of the zodiac (in their natural order) with the first house being Aries, the second Taurus, and so on until the twelfth house which is Pisces. See chart below:


The signs on the house cusps determine the planetary "rulers" who are also called the "lords" of the houses. Click here to read more about planetary rulers.

For instance, with Aries on the first house cusp, the planet Mars is it's ruler. We would look in the chart to locate the planet Mars (what house and what sign it occupies) to determine how and where the first house energy is best expressed.

Although all of the houses are important, there are some which are more significant. The First House Cusp is also called the Ascendant or the Rising Sign, as this point is determined by the time of birth, or what sign is on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth. This represents your physical self and personal image. The Seventh House cusp is called the Descendant, and it represents your relationships with others.

The Tenth House Cusp is called the Midheaven or the Medium Coeli. This is the topmost part of the chart, or the meridian line, which separates the chart into left and right (east and west) halves. The Midheaven is associated with your ambition, public or professional status and career. All houses above the horizon line in the chart are associated with outward development.

The Fourth House Cusp, or Immum Coeli is at the bottom of the chart. While the Tenth House represents your career, the Fourth House represents your home and foundation. The houses below the horizon line in the chart are associated with internal, personal development.




Two-Story or Condo?

The houses reveal the areas of our lives that we need to cultivate and where we may have lessons. The more planets in a house, the more you may need to develop that area of your life. (Don't worry if you have "empty" houses as these areas of life are less problematic.) For instance, if you have several planets in the first house (the house of outer image) you probably need to work on your identity or outer persona.

Houses can be grouped in several ways. Let's look at the houses by their quality: Angular, Succeedent and Cadent.

The Angular (Cardinal) Houses

The Succeedent (Fixed) Houses

The Cadent (Mutable) Houses

Anybody Home?

The planets that occupy the houses help to define "how" and "what" you are working on in that particular house. For instance, if you have Venus in Gemini in the second house, your natural talents may include an instinctual wit, refined social communication skills, or a beautiful voice.