Planets on the Move - 2010

How do transiting planets signify or compel changes in our lives? There are often pivotal points in our lives, where we experience significant change or transition, such as moving away from your place of birth, getting married, the loss of a loved one, expand our horizons through travel and education, and find opportunities to grow as individuals and mature.  These pivotal times often coincide with an identifiable planetary transit--when a planet has moved to a certain position in the heavens where it now forms a significant aspect-or relationship-to one of your natal planets.

The outer planets in our solar system have a slow orbit and it takes them longer to move through the zodiac belt. It is for this reason that the outer planets have a stronger impact on your natal chart, as they stay in one sector of your chart longer. For example, it takes Jupiter approximately 1 year to move through one zodiac sign, it takes Saturn approximately 2.5 years to move through one sign, it takes Uranus approximately 6-7 years, whereas it takes Neptune about 14 years to transit through one sign of the zodiac.

Planets in 2010

In 2010, the most significant planetary shifts include Jupiter into Pisces and Aries (unusual that it's transit is so fleeting this year, as normally Jupiter stays in one sign for an entire year.) While Jupiter moves into the sign of Aries mid-year, Uranus also moves into that sign for a brief few months. Later in the year, both Jupiter and Aries retrograde back into Pisces.

Additionally, Saturn moved into Libra in late 2009, but it will retrograde back into Virgo for a few months during the spring-summer of 2010. What is significant is that Jupiter and Saturn are doing a dance this year, several times they are opposite each other, and these planets are quite opposite in their interpretation - Jupiter energy relates to expansion and optimism, while Saturn is associateed with limitation and restriction and pessimism, a bit of expansion/contraction going on. Sounds like growing pains. Saturn will also oppose Uranus, which suggests a desire to free oneself up from burdens or responsibilities.

Additionally, all of these planets in Aries and Libra will be forming hard angles to Pluto in Capricorn which suggests some difficult challenges and opposition when it comes to change.

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter Jupiter always suggests the area in which growth can happen. This planet visits a new sign of the zodiac each year, taking approximately 12 months to make it's complete journey through a sign. When Jupiter moves across your Sun sign, or forms a positive angle to it, you can expect travel, growth and expansion. Likewise, when it is in the sign opposite your Sun sign, you can expect opportunity that might pull you out of your comfort zone. For all you Pisces and Virgos, this may be an especially interesting year!

Pisces is the sign associated with the connection to spirit, creativity and imagination. Pisces governs all those sensory arts, music, dance, writing (especially poetry and romance) photography, cinema, etc. and it could suggest that there would be growth in these areas, bigger, better, more imaginative, yet also a breakdown where it comes to rules, regulations, and a blurring of boundaries which includes going beyond past limitations, or deceptive acts, such as piracy, copyrights, etc.

In general, Pisces is associated with a charitable nature, compassion, empathy and sympathy toward the downtrodden or the underdog. However, it is also associated with "non-realistic" visualization, imagination, make believe, dreams, possibilities, idealization, gullibility, trusting nature, etc.

Globally, we may see some expansion in certain industries, specifically connected with technology and the arts.

Pluto in Capricorn

Ok, I know Pluto has officially been demoted, in fact they are calling it a rogue planet, but it's effects are still felt, regardless of the category we try to stick it in. Pluto changes sign infrequently - it's transit in Sagittarius lasted 14 years, and it's transit in Capricorn will last until 2024. So, you can see, it is a highly significant matter when it actually leaves one sign and enters another. Pluto's significance is associated with transformation, death and rebirth, endings and new beginnings, and self-destruction. Pluto is also associated with intense subjects and hidden matters that must come to the surface, which are guaranteed to evoke deep feelings, expose wrong doing and make apparent the need for total change. As Pluto has much to do with depth and things hidden, I believe we will see underhanded behavior and secrets revealed. Those who take the high road and are pro-active with change don't always suffer the destructive effects of Pluto.

Pluto will reveal it's impact in the sign of Capricorn by focusing our attention on the structures of the world and the hidden elements that we can't see with the naked eye - bridges, parking garages, buildings, streets, plumbing - things that may be weakening from the inside, or buried below the surface, and it's time we paid attention to the things we have come to depend on, and those things that are old.  Capricorn is also associated with our leaders - political, military, corporate, etc. We may see a shift in government, a restructuring of the responsibilities, hierarchy and our dependence on the folks we have elected to those positions. Safety and security will continue to be an issue, but it goes beyond just security our borders.

We may also need to take a look at planning for the future, how wisely are we using our resources? We will need new plans to meet certain needs as well as establishing a long-term plan for future growth and expansion (train/commuter systems to help with traffic congestion or the possibility that roads and bridges need repair and are unstable, public works projects to put people to work.) Do we all need to cut back and scale down? Anything out of balance will need to be rectified, large gains will be no more, after losses, profits will be replaced with more realistic, slow growth plans.

When the Great Depression hit, Pluto was in the opposite sign of Cancer.  I often see things that are "similar yet different" with oppositions - so none of us should be surprised if we experience some similarities to what happened during the Depression, job loss, and financial crises. Because our population has greatly multiplied, we now have much more at stake. Instead of just individuals who will be unemployed and hurting, we will also see the giant businesses suffer. However, we also have better insight as to what needs to be done to prevent disaster due to our previous experiences.

Capricorn is also associated with structures that we have depended on (government, long established business practices, etc) and wisdom gained through experience, maturity, ambition and professional achievement, boundaries, rules and regulations, security, fears and limitations. It is also a cautious sign and our leaders would be wise to act with prudence.

Planetary Cycles

The most common turning points in someone's life occur at certain, definable ages, such as the teenage years, becoming an adult, turning 30 years old, or when we hit the "mid-life crisis years" at 40 or 50, etc. These milestones in our lives also coincide with significant planetary positioning. When transiting planets form aspects to our Sun, or our Moon, we may feel a personal impact. These transits don't last very long, yet they may be activated three different times if the transiting planet has a retrograde period.

As planets enter different sectors (houses) of our natal chart, certain areas of our lives may be activated. For example, when planets enter our 7th house, partnerships may be highlighted, or when they enter the 10th house, our career or professional goals may be stimulated. Basically, it is as if the universe is urging you to focus on a particular area of life, or a specific part of our personal development.

However, it is highly significant when planets have moved to a position in which they are forming a relationship with their position in our  natal chart, in other words, for instance, Saturn is now 90 degrees from where your natal Saturn, and therefore, a planet by transit is now forming an aspect to itself. These are significant, particularly when they form the square, opposition or conjunction, also known as the planetary return. The Saturn return happens every 29 years, when Saturn has moved through the zodiac belt and is in the same sign as it was at your birth. It happens again in our late 50's, and again in our late 80's should we live that long.

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