The Zodiac Signs

Aries - Mar 20 - Apr 20 Taurus - Apr 21 - May 21 Gemini - May 22 - June 20
Cancer - June 21 - July 21 Leo - July 22 - Aug 21 Virgo - Aug 22 - Sep 21
Libra - Sept 22 - Oct 22 Scorpio - Oct 23 - Nov 22 Sagittarius - Nov 23 - Dec 22
Capricorn - Dec 23 - Jan 19 Aquarius - Jan 20 - Feb 19 Pisces - Feb 20 - Mar 19

Every zodiac sign has strengths, weaknesses and challenges. Additionally, all signs have better success in life when they learn to compromise and balance their extremes. Read below to discover the particulars for your sun sign.Aries                            Element: Fire                                       Mode: Cardinal

What Aries needs to initiate:  Exploration into new territory, leading so that others will follow.
What Aries needs to develop:  Sensitivities, needing others, connectivity to past as well as interest in
starting something new
What Aries needs to balance: Self-interest with interests of others, working alone or working in partnership, cooperation and coordination with others
What Aries finds challenging:  Patience, long-term planning, responsible action, caution
Where Aries must compromise: Acquire facts before jumping to conclusions, merging with others may get you further than going it alone

Taurus                           Element: Earth                                     Mode: Fixed

What Taurus needs to create: Confidence in talents, proper values and money consciousness
What Taurus should develop: Creative self-expression, generosity
What Taurus needs to balance: Attachment to physical, blending your resources with others
What Taurus finds challenging:  Appreciating without possessing, detachment from materialistic accumulation, and sudden change
Where Taurus compromises: Combine intellect w/common sense, flexibility vs. persistence,
material security vs. faith

Gemini                            Element: Air                                       Mode: Mutable

What Gemini needs to create: Communicate, learn about a variety of subjects
What Gemini should develop: Organizational skills, practicality and application of ideas, narrowing their focus so they can be productive
What Gemini needs to balance: A tendency to distribute energy in too many directions, forming opinions based on little knowledge, listening to the perspectives of others
What Gemini finds challenging:  Trusting intuition instead of having information, sensory knowing instead of book learning
Where Geminis compromise: Can’t begin to reach depths of understanding if you skim surface; when enough knowledge makes you an authority on a subject

Cancer                            Element: Water                                  Mode: Cardinal

What Cancer needs to create: Show emotional sensitivity and intuit other’s needs
What Cancer should develop: Combine intellect with intuition, correct interest in others, let others participate in responsibilities
What Cancer needs to balance: Proper emotional expression, home vs. career, a need for security through being indispensable
What Cancer finds challenging:  Staying in the moment instead of reveling in the past, directness vs. indirectness
Where Cancer must compromise: Learning detachment and independence and granting that to others, emotional distance, using humor as a way to handle personal hurts

Leo                                  Element: Fire                                           Mode: Fixed

What Leo needs to create: Warmth, generous spirit, creative self-expression
What Leo should develop: True emotional depth vs. surface drama, ways to gain public attention without revealing much about the self
What Leo needs to balance: What’s good for the group vs. what is good for the individual, mass consciousness vs. ego centric; letting others have spotlight
What Leo finds challenging:  Confidence in natural talents and value without needing praise, displays of material wealth do not make you important
Where Leo must compromise: Taking risks vs being cautious, gullible and susceptible to flattery, earning respect through hard work instead of expecting it

Virgo                               Element: Earth                                     Mode: Mutable

What Virgo needs to create: Attention to detail, practicality
What Virgo should develop: Enlarge viewpoint, broad perspective vs. narrow mindedness
What Virgo needs to balance: Accepting imperfection, trust intuition, chaos vs. organization, honoring the spirit of the idea instead of taking everything literally
What Virgo finds challenging:  Playfulness vs. seriousness, develop wit or sense of humor, jack of all trades in lieu of perfecting one area
Where Virgo must compromise: Don’t overanalyze, sometimes you just have to act and trust your instincts, find courage to overcome shyness

Libra                                Element: Air                                       Mode: Cardinal

What Libra needs to create: Consideration for others, peaceful and harmonious relations
What Libra should develop: Patience, sharing responsibility with others, your own success vs. tagging onto others’ achievements, appropriate boundaries in relationships
What Libra needs to balance: Being decisive vs. indecisive, taking action vs. thinking or talking about it, leading vs. letting others lead, not sacrificing self in a relationship
What Libra finds challenging:  Develop sensitivity toward others, emotion vs. intellect, clinging and dependency on others,being direct vs. avoiding confrontation
Where Libra must compromise: Trust instincts vs. needing to hear other’s opinions, don’t just talk about it - apply creative ideas in practical ways (go ahead, get your hands dirty)

Scorpio                           Element: Water                                      Mode: Fixed

What Scorpio needs to create: Probing curiosity, in-depth analysis, merge with others
What Scorpio should develop: Impersonal analysis, emotional detachment, control vs. giving others freedom
What Scorpio must balance: Material vs. spiritual, possessing that which belongs to others
What challenges Scorpio:  Generosity without manipulation, recognition vs. need for privacy, let sunny nature shine rather than simmering beneath surface
Where Scorpio must compromise: Digging to uncover what is underneath vs. accepting what appears on the surface, taking no for an answer

Sagittarius                      Element: Fire                                      Mode: Mutable

What Sag needs to create: A sense of adventure, optimism and hope
What Sag should develop: Appropriate reliance on faith, not being overly idealistic
What Sag needs to balance: Multi-talented, a tendency to over-embellish and twist words to achieve goals, thinking that minor experience makes an expert
What Sag finds challenging:  Narrowing their focus, not making mountain out of molehill, applying what they learn instead of philosophizing
Where Sag must compromise: Feeling emotion instead of using humor to make light of hurts, juggling the need for freedom with family ties, real effort instead of relying on luck

Capricorn                        Element: Earth                                   Mode: Cardinal

What Capricorn does best: Uses logic and method to achieve ambitions, provides structure
What Capricorn must develop: Effective leadership ability, not doing it yourself because you don't trust anyone else, throw caution to wind, learn to delegate
What Capricorn must balance: Emotion with logic, a need to be indispensable, important or irreplaceable, taking on responsibilities which belong to others
Where Capricorn is challenged:  Delegating to others and sharing responsibilities, learning social skills and diplomacy
Where Capricorn compromises: Playfulness vs. seriousness, emotional warmth vs. austerity, natural response instead of controlled response, listen instead of dictate

Aquarius                         Element: Air                                            Mode: Fixed

What Aquarius must initiate: Independence, inventive and progressive thought
What Aquarius should develop: Being dependable, loyal, value of material goods
What Aquarius must balance: Warmth and generosity vs. cool and aloof detachment, Individual vs. group concerns
Where Aquarius is challenged:  Merging with others vs. independent action, possessing vs. feeling smothered by others,
What Aquarians compromise: Conventional with traditional, emotional connectedness, over analysis, ideal vs. tangible

Pisces                              Element: Water                                  Mode: Mutable

What Pisces needs to reveal: Compassion, trust, imagination
What Pisces should develop: Conscious awareness, changeable nature, effective communication, listening to what is not said, and reading between the lines
What Pisces needs to balance: Organization vs. chaos, perfection vs. imperfection, narrow view  vs. open-mindedness
What Pisces finds challenging:  Too idealistic and optimistic, over obligate, can’t say no, become disillusioned due to overestimation of your resources and abilities
Where Pisces compromises: Fact vs. fiction, compassion and generosity for the right reasons - can be taken advantage of

Zodiac Sign Elements

The earth signs are practical and methodical and are typicallly emotionally balanced. The earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

The air signs are intellectual and communicative. The earth signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

The fire signs are active and instinctual. The fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

The water signs are emotional and compassionate. The water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Zodiac Sign Qualities

The cardinal signs are active initiators. The cardinal signs include Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

The mutable signs are flexible and adaptable. The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

The fixed signs are stubborn, inflexible and steady. The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

  • Basic Sun Sign Traits:

Aries expresses energy through courage and direct action. They act on ideas, go after their desires, respond instinctually to the moment, and get right to the point.  Aries is impatient and they can approach things too abruptly, or become frustrated and combative, just for the sake of stirring up the pot, or satisfying their self-centered needs. They have the courage to try something new, to be a pioneer, and to take the lead. As a Cardinal-Fire sign, Aries expresses immediate enthusiasm, and they respond instinctually. They are natural leaders, forging new territory, inspiring others to follow their lead. If their tendency to act before they think gets them into an undesirable situation, they just as quickly find a way to extricate themselves.

Taurus' basic need is to maintain and prosper. Taurus is good at planting seeds and nurturing steady growth. They can take others' ideas and give them substance. They accomplish their goals through perseverance and determination. Taurus needs to develop a proper perspective regarding money and material possessions. As a Fixed-Earth sign, Taurus attaches value to things and may spend money to acquire outer trappings in lieu of working on their inner beauty. They are constructive and practical, having common sense and natural talent. Loyal and steady, they desire to build and maintain-they are not very good at financial reversals. This sign can be stubborn and obstinate, not knowing when to quit or let go.

Gemini's are mental creatures with an interest in gathering information and communicating. They yearn to learn and quickly process information, but their attention span is swift and lacking in depth. Their focus tends to be on their local environment - their family, friends, neighborhood and community. They know that good communication involves exchange: listening to others as well as communicating their own ideas. However they must be careful not to believe an opinion without proof, or to make assumptions and draw conclusions without full information. As a Mutable, Air sign, Gemini's are flexible and diverse, these multi-talented individuals tend to spread their energy in too many directions at once. They are able to twist words and may have a good sense of humor.

Cancer's are highly sensitive creatures. Nurturing, caring and compassionate, they often let emotion get in the way of reason. Defensive, they can be indirect and evasive. Cancer's shield themselves through behaviors which are used to protect their tender sensitivities. Laughter is often used as a method of alleviating discomfort or to lighten up a serious atmosphere.  If something is bothering them they prefer to suffer in silence. Being a Cardinal, Water sign, they are apt to change direction frequently, and are very sensitive to their surroundings, responding to every vibe, and picking up on nuances of any conversation or gesture.

Leo's are magnanimous of spirit, expressing warmth, generosity and big-heartedness. They command respect and express their creative self with flair. They have refined taste and a strong social awareness. Loyal and devoted, they tend to let pride and ego get in the way. Their basic need is to have their generosity appreciated and to receive recognition for the things they do, no matter how small. Leo's have a love of leisure and opulence. As a Fixed, Fire sign, Leo's are quite dramatic and their flame burns brightly and for a long time.

Virgo's see everything through a critical lense and need to learn not to nitpick. They are perfectionists who have an eye for what is wrong, versus what is right. Their analytical mind questions, defines and hones; their fine attention to detail assures that they won't overlook even the smallest of things. They have tremendous organizational skills and are able to restore order to chaos. However, they must watch a tendency to be too narrow in focus, or too exacting. Virgo doesn't leave anything to guessing, they want tangible proof, and will not draw a conclusion until they have all the facts straight. Being a Mutable, Earth sign, they are practical and methodical, yet apt to change their mind.

Libra has a strong desire to relate harmoniously with others. They are cooperative and charming with strong social skills, diplomacy and social grace. Highly artistic, they have an eye for beauty and aesthetics. Libra's can be indecisive because they try to consider both sides of a situation and seek fairness, justice and equality. Peace lovers, they often "sit on the fence" in lieu of making a decision that would offend or upset anyone. Their basic need is to achieve balance and maintain equilibrium in all things. They must learn not sacrifice their principles or compromise their own needs just to please a partner. Being a Cardinal, Air sign, they have a fine intellect and love to discuss ideas and philosophies.

Scorpios have a deep and passionate understanding of life. They are very enterprising and often have a strong business aptitude. Their love of investigation causes them to probe deeply to understand things from the inside out. Scorpio's are intense, combining inner strength, determination, and willpower. Scorpio's have control issues, and must learn that they cannot control others, only themselves. Their emotional depth is not displayed on the surface. They are loyal and dedicated until someone does them wrong. Then, they will strike back, often seeking revenge; they have an all or nothing attitude. Being a Fixed, Water sign their turbulent emotions and tendency toward secrecy often undermines their success in relationships. They are highly devoted and dedicated, and expect the same in return. 

Sagittarians are explorers, they love adventure and approach life with optimism, even in the face of adversity. Truth seekers, they have an interest in education, and philosophy. They need to develop a tolerance for other cultures, attitudes and beliefs which differ from their own. They have a talent for sales, they are creative story tellers and see the humor in life's situations. They seek to broaden their horizons, and often travel or live in locales other than their birthplace. These risk takers grow through their experiences in life. They must learn to not get ahead of themselves or promise more than they can deliver. Being a Mutable, Fire sign they are highly adaptable and energetic. They tend to rely on luck.

Capricorn's are cautious, yet ambitious achievers. They reach their goals through practical effort, hard work, and self-discipline. They don't leave much to chance and like to plan carefully and build secure foundations. They have high standards and principles and must learn to delegate responsibility instead of doing everything themselves. They often achieve a place of respect and authority. Non-emotional, they have a serious approach to life. They prefer to rely on logic and are methodical. Being a Cardinal, Earth sign, they are active initiators with orderly, systematic methods and a strong work ethic.

Aquarians are progressive-minded individuals who are not afraid to march to the beat of a different drummer. They strive for progress in unchartered areas; their inventive mind looks beyond what already exists. They are social creatures who contribute to group efforts in order to further social and humanitarian interests. They seek freedom of thought and movement. Scientific-minded Aquarians often think "out of the box" and push the boundaries. Aquarians are quite friendly and tend to be optimistic and idealistic. As a Fixed, Air sign, they may have their own ideas and can be perceived as different, liberal, emotionally distant or "living in their heads."

Pisces people are highly sensitive, intuitive and imaginative. They spend much time exploring the labyrinths of the unknown and can be quite idealistic. They are kind souls who make sacrifices for others, have an empathetic and compassionate nature, as well as strong faith and hope. They can be quite artistic or creative, they tend to dream and fantasize. When the pressure builds, Pisces may try to escape by practicing avoidance. Gullible and trusting, they can be deceived or blind to the truth. They are not always in touch with reality and see what they choose to see, leading to severe disillusionment when reality finally sets in. Pisces don't often have good boundaries, as they are highly sensory. Their compassionate nature allows them to feel others pain, they often fight for the underdog, yet they must learn not to let other peoples issues become their issues. A Mutable, Water sign they go with the flow and have changeable feelings.