Happy Birthday, Virgo!
The Sun moves through Virgo from August 23 through September 23, 2019.

The following people have Sun in Virgo:

Nick Jonas, Keanu Reeves, Cameron Diaz, Michael Keaton, Adam Sandler, Amy Poehler, Jada Pinkett Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Alexis Bledel, Chris Pine, Ryan Phillippe, Blake Lively, Idris Elba, Mark Harmon, Richard Gere, Salma Hayek, Raquel Welch, Beyonce, Zendaya, Shania Twain, Pink, Billy Ray Cyrus, Bruce Springsteen, Shaun White, Kobe Bryant, Prince Harry, Phil McGraw, Stephen King, Bernie Sanders, and Warren Buffett.


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