Retroscope for All Signs of
the Zodiac for October 2013


MERCURY stations retrograde at 5:29 am CDT on
October 20, 2013 at 18 degrees 19 minutes Scorpio

MERCURY stations direct at 3:12 p.m. CST on
November 9, 2013 at 2 degrees 35 minutes Scorpio.

Mercury in Scorpio brings forth depth of thought, an enterprising thought process concerned with . Mercury functions well in this sign, however with Scorpio being a secretive water sign it defies the naturally "talkative and communicative" style of Mercury, yet exemplifies the probing intellectual nature. Under this sign, Mercury's penetrating intellectual efforts are best when used for observation, research and investigation.

Predictions for Each Sign

Aries With Mercury retrograde in your eighth house of joint financial matters, you might find that you need to discuss financial matters or restructure joint accounts, and reassess whether your financial agreements are in your favor. You are excellent at researching the matter, but you tend to play your cards close to your chest and desire to protect your interests.

Pisces With Mercury traveling through your house of higher learning and exploration, you might find your interest in a deep subject matter or an educational interest has been revived. Discussions or conversations with inlaws may be fraught with misunderstandings. You may disagree with other's beliefs or attitudes. You may travel and revisit locations, but be sure to take care if driving long distance, and double-check your reservations.

Aquarius With Mercury retrograde in your 10th house of career status,, you may feel the urge to talk to your superiors, but it may be best to wait until you are less angry; try to take the high road if you feel you have been wronged. Be careful as something that affects your status or reputation could cause you to have to defend yourself. You may choose to play your cards close to your chest. Watch for enterprising ideas that require research and investigation.

Capricorn With Mercury retrograde in your area of friends and group activities, you might find yourself biting your tongue or reserving your opinions if you disagree with the group consensus. Revisit old friends, or reconnect with people who can be instrumental to your aspirations by phone or email. Reassess your affiliations.

Sagittarius With Mercury backtracking in your 12th house, you are much more introspective at this time and might feel like retreating, especially if someone objects to something you said. You will review a situation in private before responding. You might gain some particular insight into something that happened and see things differently now that you can review it objectively. Dreams may be a reflection of something you are worried about.

Scorpio With Mercury traveling through your 1st house, you may regret anyoutspokenness and aggression may backfire. now may be a time to reassess your appearance or outer image. You often observe rather than contribute and you may find that you are seeing things differently.

Libra With Mercury retrograde in your 2nd house of money, values and security, this may be a time when you renegotiate or reassess your income, income sources, the material things are important to you, and the need for a savings account. There might be a reversal in financial situations or expenditures. Conversations with financial advisers, employers, investment bankers, or accountants may be in store.

Virgo With Mercury retrograde in your 3rd house of siblings, neighbors, community and everyday activities you might find that there is new energy, a sense of urgency, new starts that are short-lived, and potential for arguments if communication breaks down. You are self-focused; watch your temper, slow down, particularly when driving, road rage doesn't solve anything and it could lead to a ticket. Your mind may be in overdrive, this could be a particularly creative time especially if you are deep in thought. You may want to retract from something you have committed to.

Leo With Mercury retrograde in your 4th house this might suggest that conversation is focused on family members or those sharing your home; you are not afraid to state your opinion but it might be best to hold your tongue else arguments ensue. Talks might involve real estate matters, home expenses, responsibilities, communications in general, and the need for action. Self-centered actions may spark objections.

Cancer With Mercury retrograde in your 5th house of children, creative self-expression and leisure activities, you might reconnect with a loved one, or find that you or your children lack assertiveness or a sense of courage. Be careful of sports injuries, or regrets over risk taking ventures. Your pride may be injured; if you receive insults, bite your tongue until you have had time to get your ego out of the way and see clearly, it could be good advice.

Gemini With Mercury traveling through your house of work and everyday routine duties, you may find that your attention turns to organizing your workspace and you may reconnect with former coworkers. Be sure to deal with any health issues that may arise, communicate with your doctor.

Taurus With Mercury retrograde in your house of relationships, you might reconnect with an ex, be it business or personal. Taurus must deal with jealousy and possessiveness, yet something may pop out of your mouth if you let someone get under your skin. Others might find your behavior uncharacteristic. A topic of conversation regarding a partnership may reappear on the table.