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Interested in getting a personal horoscope? Want to find out what's happening in the coming year? Do you have questions about your career or your love life? Are you planning an important event?

Whether you are doing some self-analysis, or interested in knowing what's coming down the road, an astrology reading can provide some insight.

We offer three types of chart services:

Online Readings are available by appointment only. This is a much more personal service, as you are talking live with the astrologer. Clients will receive an email with a phone number and instructions to join a web meeting and charts will be viewed and referenced during their live session.

Recorded Readings - Astrology Readings are usually recorded as MP4 format, and uploaded to a shared Dropbox folder. Readings include chart printouts. This does not require any live participation of the client, who will be able to review the recording. These types of readings can be ordered by phone, or email and the client will receive the product within 7-10 days

Reports - Some Chart Services, such as the Child's Natal Profile, the Solar Return and the Compatibility Analysis, are written reports, complete with color chart printouts. These will be mailed to the client within 10-14 days after placing the order by email.

Report Specials – Spring 2018  
Astro Goddesses Webinar and/or Report - $40

Live Online Readings! 

You can now schedule an online reading for individuals or for groups. Online readings can be joined from any PC, MAC or tablet, large enough to view a chart on-screen. Audio and video will be recorded. To sign up for a reading, send an email to:

You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment with instructions. Chart fees are based on the type of chart requested. Additional fees may be charged if a client chooses to spend extra time during the consultation over and above what is "normal" for the requested chart service.

Most readings are a minimum of an hour; additional fees are quoted at the time of service.

With spring in the air, we are called by the spirit of Maia, the Goddess of Spring. The feminine qualities have been depicted in various forms – the maiden, the virgin, the mistress, mother, the wife, the feminist, the vestal virgin. Join me in our upcoming webinar as we explore where these energies manifest in our astrology charts, and how they influence our lives, how these archetypes have changed over time-- through earlier feminine roles to women’s liberation--and modern expressions of Venus energy through the various signs of the zodiac. This webinar includes a written report for each participant highlighting the asteroids that most influence you. And, if you can’t attend the webinar but would like to see where these asteroids live in your chart, you can order the Astro Goddesses report. To inquire, send an email to Full-color chart print out along with written report.
Solar Return Report - $40
The Solar Return chart is a glimpse of the coming year, constructed for the time period beginning with the 2016 birthday to your 2017 birthday. This report highlights your focus for the year ahead, and can reinforce other influences that may come through in your transit reading. If this report is ordered in conjunction with a reading there is a 10% discount, however this chart can also be ordered separately. Full-color chart print out along with written report.
Regular Chart Services and Readings
Natal Analysis (age 18 & older) $100.00
The birth Chart is a symbolic map of the planetary energies that were prevalent at the exact time of your birth. This complete analysis covers individual chart components, defining your challenges and strengths, outlining the basic energies that you are working with throughout life. This analysis highlights your possibilities and opportunities, how you relate to others , emotional and ego needs, traits and tendencies. This chart reading includes some paper printouts.  
Transit Reading $100.00
A Transit Reading highlights current planetary energies that can indicate changes in your attitude and environment, often highlighting events that happen around you to which you must respond. This reading covers a six-month assessent. At the client's request the transits may be evaluated for up to one year from the current date  
Transit/Solar Return $120.00
A Solar Return is cast at the exact time the Sun returns to the degree of your birth. A Solar Return can be done each year, preferably around your birthday. This chart gives you an idea of what your focus will be for the coming year. The Solar Return emphasizes internal urges more than external events.  
Yearly Analysis (Transit/Progression/Solar Return) $150.00
The Yearly Analysis is a combination of current transiting energies that are emphasizing certain areas of your life, your current year Solar Return which further identifies where your focus will be that year, and significant Progressions that signify possible events which may occur. This analysis can be done any time, yet is often requested at the beginning of a new year, or near the birthday. This is a taped reading, however it is available in written report format for an additional $35.  
Child's Natal Profile(up to age 17) $ 80.00
This chart is a printed report and a smaller version of the Natal Analysis.  It highlights the child's personality traits and talents, how they get along with siblings or friends, social and learning patterns, skills, and much more. This report can help a parent better understand their child's energies.  
Compatibility Analysis $120.00
This printed report is a comparison between the charts of two people. The analysis indicates how they relate, where their differences lie, the purpose of the relationship, long-term endurance factors, etc. Any two charts can be compared, whether it be parent and child, two siblings, two friends, husband and wife, boss and employee, etc.  
Electional Chart (Event Planning) $100.00
There are auspicious times to begin important events. An electional chart is when you choose or elect to do something at a particular time, such as getting married, selling your house, buying a car, starting a business, etc. This analysis can help find the best times for your special occasions  
Locational Analysis $ 80.00
Relocating? Find out what your new location may offer. Ever wonder if you would be more successful living in another location? This written report gives you an idea of how a particular locale will work for you, what energies will be prevalent in one place versus another. This includes a print out of your AstroMap and a description for two specific locations of your choice.  
Combination Natal Chart/Transit Reading $160.00
Combination Natal Chart/Yearly Analysis $160.00
Combination Two Natal Charts & Compatibility $200.00