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Resources and Information to Help You on Your Personal Journey

My main goals are to help those aspiring astrologers develop their intuitive skills, guide clients looking for insight into their charts, and help metaphysical enthusiasts understand the messages and guidance we can glean from astrology to better prepare for the natural cycles of change and evolution. 

Each of us has an inner knowing that we should listen to, and sometimes this means knowing when it’s time to embrace changes, take risks, further our knowledge or experience, pay attention to our health and well-being, and work on personal issues that can be stumbling blocks to our happiness.

  • Trust your intuition and embrace life’s journey
  • Use astrology as your guide to navigate life’s transitions and turning points
  • Understand how to make the most of planetary cycles in the coming year

What can we help you with?


The best way to learn about your own chart is to schedule a consultation with an astrologer who can interpret the chart layout, planetary placement and more. 

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Each month we offer a variety of educational workshops.  Join us!  Click the button below to see the schedule for classes and workshops.

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Public Events

Whether you have an event or a private party, an astrologer is available for an appearance to mingle with the crowd or provide a group reading.

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