The Sun represents our sense of personal identity; it implies desires that are vital to our sense of wellbeing and the vital energy that fuels our desires.  Just as the actual sun in the sky brightens the day and provides sustenance for plants to grow, the Sun sign symbolizes our unique way of contributing and how we, as individuals, stand out, or “shine” in our own right.



The Moon represents your emotional comfort level and your connections to other people and things. The Moon sign suggests the expression of your instinctual nature, including moods, feelings, security needs, emotional fluctuations and habit patterns.  In a birth chart the Moon influences how you relate to the public, maternal relations, attachment to home, security issues, emotional dependencies, and imbalances.



Mercury represents your reasoning and communicative abilities. It suggests how you communicate with others and express your intellect, sensory perceptions, and how you assimilate information.  In a birth chart, Mercury shows your relationship with those in your daily environment, including siblings, neighbors and community, your conscious awareness, early education, information, and local travel.



Venus represents love, affection, possessions, things you value. Venus’ sign reveals how you relate to others in close personal relationships, what you find pleasurable, how you express sociability, charm, and beauty.  In the birth chart, Venus indicates the type of partner you are attracted to, what you value, personal finances, where you seek justice and moral correctness.



Mars represents action and energy.  Its sign reveals how you express your physical self, your animal nature, strength of desire, initiative, ambition, aggression, and anger. In the birth chart, Mars shows how and where you will channel your energies and is also an indicator of your instinctual action.