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Lessons in Astrology

Learn astrology basics that are the foundation of chart interpretation. Gain more clarity with your planetary positions.

Mentorship Program

Aspiring astrologers can enhance their knowledge by working with an experienced professional to develop their interpretive skills.

Grow Your Business

So you feel confident in your ability to read astrology charts, and you want to become a professional! Learn what it takes to start your intuitive business.

Where do I begin?
Your Natal Chart

When learning astrology, the first step is to have your natal chart calculated
and refer to this during your lessons.
To receive a free copy of your birth chart by email, full birth data is required (day/mo/year, place, and time of birth).


Start Your Learning Journey

The best place to gain an understanding of astrology is to begin by familiarizing yourself with the major “parts and pieces” of astrological interpretation.

Discover the personality traits associated with each of the twelve Zodiac Signs, and the meaning of the key Planets in our solar system. Additionally, you will need to understand the components of the astrology chart, including the Houses (sectors of the chart that the planets occupy, and finally, the relationship between the planets and chart points, better known as Aspects

These four components should be the starting point for understanding the basic elements and energies that are present at the time someone is born. Their meaning is a basis for interpretation, but ultimately you will learn to synthesize all the parts to reveal an overall story for each chart.

Zodiac Signs

Learn the meaning of each of the twelve zodiac signs, including personality traits, behavioral tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses. 



Each of the key planets in our solar system has significance in our chart; learn how those placements challenge us.



Learn the construction of the natal chart, the twelve sectors, the areas of life they govern, and the meaning of the house cusps.



Understand the relationship between planets and points in the natal chart, and the challenges or opportunities those relationships reveal.


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