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Are you interested in unraveling the mysteries of your personal horoscope? Are there significant changes happening in your life? Do you have questions about your career or your relationship? Are you planning an important event?  Whether you are doing some self-analysis or interested in knowing what’s coming down the road, an astrology reading can provide some valuable insight.

Aside from identifying personality strengths and weaknesses, your chart can reveal times of change, turning points, and potential challenges, as well as new opportunities for personal growth.

Astrology Services

We offer a wide variety of services, including personal readings in the form of online consultations, pre-recorded chart analysis, written reports, group webinars, and party or private events.  

“Life is a constant evolution, and an astrology reading reveals the areas of life that are ripe for change.”


Live sessions

Our most popular service is a live consultation with a professional astrologer; these are available by appointment only. This is an online meeting with the astrologer via a platform like Zoom; using screen sharing, clients will observe their charts during the session. Consultations include PDF printouts of the charts viewed during the session. Individual consultations can be recorded.  Sessions can be for individuals or for groups. 



Various written astrology reports are available, including a Natal Report, Child’s Natal Report, Solar Return, Compatibility Analysis, Transit Report, and more. Each report is provided in PDF format and includes the analysis and color chart printouts. 



Similar to consultations, astrology sessions can be recorded; these do not require participation by the client as they are recorded in MP4 format and transferred to our clients via Internet secure share folders. All readings include PDF chart printouts. 


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